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PSDTO3D101 lenticular design software

Basic Information

PSDTO3D Details:

Brand Name: OK3D

Author :Hongmin Guo

Registered No.:2009SR039988

type:lenticular image/lenticular effects design


Version Type: professional vesion 101( Latest version)

Operating Systems Supported: Windows ALL

Communication:usb key dog,no need usd driver

Language:Chinese, English

Feature: Easy to operate

System Hardware Requirements: ≥1G memory

Technical support:how to use this software

Products Status:Stock

Price: 1288USD

Payment term: T/T, western union

Delivery time:1days after payment

Shipment terms:DHL/UPS/Fedex . ect.

Do you feel laborious for designed in photoshop software?

The 3D design software of OK3D Developed can resolve your all trouble. The 3D design software can open PSD file, and can convert 2D photos to 3D, and can make 3D photos, flip, animation, morph and zoom etc. graphic effects, it can make all effects of you want. The charm of 3D design software are time saving, excellent and making some life like lenticular photos. Our 3D lenticular software can be opened RGB file and CMYK file.

It belongs to PSDTO3D(CMYK3D)software series,

3d lenticular design software (PSDTO3D version10.1)Power by OK3D

used to create lenticular prints with realistic 3D and motion effects, such as flip, morphing, animation and zoom

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Detail introduction of this PSDTO3D software as follows:

1. Edit drawline easily, like move, zoom, different layers can move, cut, paste, zoom, point can move, add or delete

2. Angles can reach 999 maxium

3. LPI and size setting are unlimited

4. Support CMYK and RGB

5. Midline can be aligned automatically

6 .Support output psd, gif, tiff, bmp file

7.Lenticular effect can be made into 3D,flip,morph,zoom,animation

8. Easy to make big size 3d lenticular photo, output file can reach 40GB, output DPI can reach 9600



technical support

Provide for free

Copyright registration No.


System requirement

All windows system


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