CMYK fly eye 3d lenticular design software
parameters1:Fly eye lenticular software certificate of copyright
parameters2:technical support
parameters3:suitable for inkjet printer and offset printing machine
The exclusive develops dot lens 3d lenticular image design software,true 3d lenticular effect,high precision,360-degree omnidirectional 3d lenticular sense,simple operation,easy to use.
Full color dot lenticular lens images, refers to the shift layer colors to CMYK four-color printing, not for non-shift layer (layer does not move, no deepth) restrictions.

Because full-color 360-degree perspective view of the losses on the DPI is quite large, so the printer very demanding, in order to protect the interests of customers, the software is not foreign sales.

If they really need full-color dot 360 ° perspective view proofing, please notify us in advance. Thank you.

At present, no machine can print full-color 360-degree good three-dimensional pattern, please note that, to prevent fraud.
360° full color holographic 3d lenticular design. No limited lpi. No restrict layer number. No limited size nor images.
Support PSD layer free to mix translation, 3D and flip
Single lay can edit such as: line remove, zoom, move forward, move back, Copy-move, etc.
Lens interlacing can reach 999, running speed, memory more optimized.
Can be into large size PSD image file . From the source to improve the accuracy of stereograph, ordinary computer can quickly make big graphic model.
Output large TIF picture can reach 40 GB. Support the vertical compression, 3d makeup with center line automatic alignment.
RGB and CMYK printing, it is lead to shift layer but not to the shift layer (fixed layer, no depth of field layer) limit. Output PSD series diagram, Gif, red-blue image.
The exclusive launch:
1. Real 3d feeling, 360° hologram, and also support circulation pattern design.
2. A3 size less than, $200
3. If can provide PSD chart files and psdto3d99 parameter file, the cost can be halved.

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