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Ok3d Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd development PSDTO3D lenticular software,neither big size outpoot or CMYK large-format color inkjet printers outpoot,even UV offset printer,high quality output for their products, people.Let your images outstanding and design more force.

Ok3d Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd  depend on our perfect technique, abundant experiences, reliable quality, good credit and after service are used in all kinds of industries.And supply a series of specialized 3d lenticular software,including:PSDTO3D lenticular software,lenticualr technology training,lenticular material and Output production equipment,and also can provide 3D photo design,lenticular printing service and so on.

XP China Limited and Ok3d Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd  hold technical exchange and product promotion fairs about 3D lenticular products hand in hand.About 99 printing company and 200 people to be at this event,all of them come from Shenzhen,Guangdong,Beijing,Shanghai,Hongkong etc.

3D lenticular printing:PP,PET lenticular lens sheet and PS lenticular board,Our mainly products:3D printing,3d billboard,3d posters,3d picture printing,3d wedding picture,3D desgin,3d film,3D sticker for mobile phone,3d lcd,3d light box,3d photos,3d cards,flip printing,3d coaster ,3d bookmarks,3d tag and so on.

Company structure
1,Software development department is responsible for 3D software development.
2,Lenticular production department : lenticular material production and sell.
3,3D products printing department: 3D products printing.
4,Quality control department:control quality of all 3d products and lenticular.
5,Design department:3d picture design
6,Marketing Department:develop the market
7,3D high-tech R&D: 3d movie,3d monitors and display and more high-tech research and development.
8,Service Department:Service after sell and communication with clients.                                      

Company promises:As a good manufactory,we are promised you the first class quality and 360 degree best service.We are willing to adopt our sincere exchange for customers trust.Provide top legal safeguard,quality guarantee,the credibility of the protection,the protection of the sales market for our clients.
Company legislation "and common development, " as the goal, with quality and efficient services for the protection of its customers, a good brand image.To more secure, faster and more efficient service for the protection of the highest quality product will offer to you.

We adhere to people-oriented, the rationale for the pursuit of excellence, improve service quality, in good the protection of the employee' interests,then let employees feel comfortable.
Companies to promote "good faith cooperation, communication intentions, professional services, the pursuit of excellence" concept of culture.

Service Location:Flowing,Feeling,Thoughtful,Efficient,Harmonious
Service Guarantee:Corporate culture: based on their own, hard service, sincere cooperation, flawless

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